Michael Hurley – Bavarian Radio Session

June 10, 2008

Michael Hurley

Bavarian Radio


More in the promised series of Michael Hurley bootlegs. This is special since you get to hear him explain the inspiration behind “The Werewolf” and other songs. In addition, he covers the Woody Woodpecker theme song and delivers really heartbreaking performances of his greatest hits. He also explains that “O My Stars” is inspired by Hilary Clinton. Who knew?

8 Responses to “Michael Hurley – Bavarian Radio Session”

  1. xindeed Says:

    Excellent stuff – Thanks so much!
    He played here a couple weeks ago and he’s playing here tomorrow at a little coffee house in town – an American treasure!!

  2. schlep Says:

    Hello there, I’ll probably end up downloading the whole lot of these but, do any of them contain the immortal “Horses Ass” song? Because it’s been about five years and I’m in a hurry to hear that tune again!

  3. justin Says:

    thanks so much for all of the michael hurley! awesome stuff..

  4. adam c. Says:

    dang. i’m late to the game. divshare said you’ve reached your limit of downloads until july 7th. any chance you’ll put them up on mediafire?

  5. adam c. Says:


  6. bill z. duck Says:

    this wwpecker song should be america’s national anthem! thanks for posting it.
    great snock film can be found here: http://www.vimeo.com/2896466

  7. paul Says:

    hey, any chance this’ll get reuploaded? the link is dead. thanks!

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