Hawkwind – Space Ritual Sundown V.2

June 20, 2008


Space Ritual Sundown V.2 (Purple Pyramid 2005)


Some readers may know Lemmy Kilmister best from Motorhead’s double decker sandwich of metal and punk. Other readers may know that Lemmy’s best work was spent with his previous band Hawkwind, who singlehandedly changed the face of metal, prog and punk with a series of classic albums: In Search of Space, Doremi Fasol Latido and Space Ritual, from which this recording is culled. If you are unfamiliar with Hawkwind, their early 70s work alternates between psychedelic, speedy proto-metal and whacked ambient instrumentals laced with the dalek ramblings of Robert Calvert.

The original Space Ritual compiles 88 minutes of a 1972 set that ranks as the best live album ever in my opinion. The recorded version were raw, throbbing psychedelic paeans to all things heavy, but this alternate version blows the original away. The original live set was too long to fit on the the double lp, so some of the more noisy, abstract stuff was left off as well as lengthier versions of their seminal tunes. “Time We Left” and “Brainstorm” are expanded while “7 by 7″‘s cosmic anthem is tacked onto the release. If you already love Space Ritual, please download so you can experience one of the rare occasions where your favorite album can actually be improved upon through careful editing. If you are unfamiliar, I envy you. You now have an opportunity to experience one of the best albums of the 70s. Like your music stoned, heavy, replete with echoing sax solos and endlessly inventive? Then, i implore you to explore their bombastic epic.

4 Responses to “Hawkwind – Space Ritual Sundown V.2”

  1. quickfixx Says:

    Heya, I only have a few Hawkwind songs (Loads of Motorhead :P) and really want to get into them, what’s the best place to start?


  2. Bryan G Says:

    Oh Purple Pyramid! The label that released the wrong Brainticket LP!
    Run by the same people who brought you the top contender for worst record label ever, Cleopatra Records. This and reissuing the Chrome Box are what costs them the Gold, which goes to Fallout (UK).
    This is my favorite record ever, not just for the music, but did you see the shirtless picture of Lemmy???
    Is this version the same as the 2 CD one that came out on EMI in 2000?

  3. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the post – cool I could download instead than buying it. Space Ritual is my favourite albummof Hawkwind ever, so it’s cool to hear these original versions. Best place to start byuing Hawkwind: Space Ritual. Chrome Box? hell yeah, stick to the original Subterranean Records release, if you can find it that is.

  4. Asa Negra Says:

    We are playing something like space metal high influencied by Hawkwind…

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