Youtube jamboree

June 5, 2010

Aw hell, I understand if you thought I broke my promise of regular posting. God knows I talk a lot of shit without a plastic bag handy, but I’ve been obsessed with youtube lately and have compiled a laundry list of videos that cover the gamut from Philip K. Dick and Francis Bacon documentaries to live Wire and Hawkwind videos. I figure this obsession will pass in a few days and I will get back to rambling about albums, but go visit the following link

3 Responses to “Youtube jamboree”

  1. couch bobby Says:

    just start listening to ‘brokeNCYDE’ and you will fear for the future.

  2. Kiel Says:

    Thanks for your efforts with this fine blog. I searched pretty hard for this: A seasoned listener willing to discuss and share the gems in their collection.

    ‘Preciate it.

  3. matt Says:

    Just because you haven’t posted in a while doesn’t mean you cant again.

    Scuse the bleeding obvious. I miss this blog.

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