Magicistragic Mix Number Four

March 20, 2012

Magicistragic Mix Number Four

The sprouts are poking their nosy green tendrils out of the ground and a menagerie of critters are shaking the dust from their britches to live life for another year. It’s a time for a more dynamic and sprightly soundtrack to counteract the glacial pace of the last two mixes posted here. Oh yeah, if you’d like more videos, links and assorted debris, please befriend magicistragic on facebook.

Tucker Zimmerman-Another Normal Day

The Golliwogs-Don’t Tell Me No Lies

Selda-Meydan Sinzidir

Jerry Garcia-Run For the Roses

Dynamic Truths-You Take it All

B.F. Trike-Be Free

Bailter Space-Robot World

Lower Dens-Tea Lights

Charlie Daniels Band-Uneasy Rider

Fresh and Onlys-Waterfall

Psychedelic Aliens-We’re Laughing

Dorothy Berry-Standing on the Corner

Ducktails-Killing the Vibe

The Edwards Generation-You’re the One For Me

Bobby Charles-I’m That Way

Michael Rother-Sonnenrad

Spur-Eight Days a Week

Smokey Hogg-When You Get Old

George Brigman-Schoolgirl

Blackfoot Sue-Standing in the Road

When I Loved Her-Kris Kristofferson

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