Hey! Let me know about dead links!

February 7, 2013

Consider this a safe place to request uploads of dead links. Somehow, this site is approaching its fifth anniversary so there is plenty of room for error and forgetfulness. Please comment and I will try to remedy the situation.


4 Responses to “Hey! Let me know about dead links!”

  1. john Oster Says:

    We have an old cassette of Jesse Colin Young tunes that ws played on the WYDD in Pittsburgh at midnite in late 1975. THe DJ said it was recorded live at Owl Mountain, but we’ve recently heard a version of Ridgetop that is identical, note for note and it was attributed to The Record Plant in Sausalito, 7/25/75. It was such a joy to hear a clean copy, as opposed to my 40 year old cassette recorded from the radio.

    Is there any chance that you could direct us to a version of the entire recording? The following link is on your site, but it’s dead.

    Keeping our fingers crossed..


    Live at Sausalito Record Plant 7/25/1975


  2. gazetyprlu Says:

    virginia astley gardens.thanks

  3. bigpuddles Says:

    Maybe it’s too much to ask because the post was so long ago but it’d be really cool to get a reup of that Jeffrey Cain album. Thanks!

  4. Mathew Says:

    If you could reup knife in the water red river you would be my hero. My lady used to have all their CDs and they were stolen so we’re stuck listening to the few sounds that are on youtube, \
    thanks in advance.

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