Mediafire and Divshare can kiss my grits!

March 9, 2013

As Magicistragic approaches its fifth anniversary of existence, I realize why most music blogs have been put out of their misery. It’s kind of a pain in the ass when most of your links have been nabbed by the keystone cops. Others may throw in the towel and call it quits, but what else am I going to do while the wife heads out with the gals? In order to avoid an alternate reality where magicistragic is extinct and I spend my nights reading Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography while The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is muted on the television. Oh wait, that’s actually what I did do last night? Fuck it. I’ve already gone down a horrible wormhole, so here is a slew of re-ups to links that met their untimely end.

Magicistragic Mix for March

Magicistragic Mix for February

Ofege-Try and Love

Radar Bros.-The Singing Hatchet

Bowery Electric-s/t

Magicistragic Mix for January

Joe Walsh-Barstorm

Magicistragic Mix for December

Richard Schneider-Dreamlike Land

Michael Garrison-In the Region of Sunreturn

Magicistragic Mix for November

Now for some tales from the crypt.

Lync-These Are Not Fall Colors

Cheater Slicks-Whiskey

3 Responses to “Mediafire and Divshare can kiss my grits!”

  1. Rui Says:


  2. Rui Says:

    Os blogs parece que deixaram de estar na moda, mas eu enquanto puder vou continuar.Parabéns pelo teu blog. ás vezes venho ver aqui umas bandas.

  3. Rodrigo Turrer Says:

    Thank you VERY, VERY much for exist, dear Magicistragic
    Keep up the good work, man.
    . Congratulations from Brazil.

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