Magicistragic Mix for April

April 13, 2013

Magicistragic Mix for April

Sorry for the stream of cop-out posts brimming with re-ups and mixes. I’m in the process of ingesting mass quantities of HGTV as I stage my house for its imminent sale so I may move to greener pastures to accommodate an expanding family. Scrubbing grout with a toothbrush must take precedence for now. In the meantime, here is another mix that fluctuates between primal angst, new age twinklers and misguided meditations on the universe.

Mac DeMarco-Cooking Up Something Good

Heldon-Los Soucoupes Volantes Vertes

Frank Zappa-Peaches En Regalia

The Hunches-Ate My Teeth

Cocteau Twins-From the Flagstones

Husker Du-Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill

Lonnie Holley-Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door

Milk Music-Illegal and Free

Larry “Sunshine” Rice-In Again, Out Again

Swell-Is that Important?

John and Beverly Martin-Over the Hill

Hisingen Blues-Graveyard

Westbam feat. Nena-Old School(Baby)

Low-Over the Ocean

Gerry Rafferty-Right Down the Line

Genesis-Un Dia

Edie Callahan-Santa Cruz Mountains

Magnolia Electric Company-Hold On Magnolia

Great Unwashed-Small Girl

Primal Scream-Velocity Girl

d’Tigeas A Damsa-Clannad




2 Responses to “Magicistragic Mix for April”

  1. sven Says:

    Hey, nice little blog here – found a few music treats I have enjoyed from here, thanx.

    Is your Moonshake item re-uploadable? I have Moonshake’s Eva Luna CD and their Dirty And Divine CD and would like to check out the one you had posted sometime back. And if you want to check out what I have I can upload them together in a zip file somewhere and provide you the link.

    Thanks again,
    From Sven on Cape Cod

  2. Tim Says:

    Links dead unfotunatalie-portman. Re-up? p.s. love the mixes – thanks

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